Climate Change Hoaxes

Sent 23 May to Editor, Engineering Dimensions


Filename: Climate Change and the PEO  (Lexar)




Dear Ed:


Barrie Jackson’s letter in the May-June Dimensions deserves comment and supplementation.


We are all Bachelors of Science or some similar title, are we not?  Should we not all be very jealous of the correct application of science, particularly where it drives public policy?  And should we not be publicly and vocally alarmed when we find junk science driving public policy?


Yet that is exactly what we have today; junk science driving public policy.  Note:


*  A 2 deg. rise in global temperature is not some law of nature; it ws taken out of the air by some unidentified non-scientist connected with the IPCC.  Some of the most rapid evolutionary periods in  geological history had temperatures as high as 9 degrees (some say more) above today’s.  Historically, many more people have died of cold than of heat, and continue to do so today.   Further, global warming has temporarily ceased.   Yet of one thing we can be absolutely sure: global temperatures will now rise, fall, or stay the same.


*  The CO2 concentrations in these high-temperature periods have been as much as 15 times today’s.  We owe our huge deposits of coal, oil, and gas to the growth in these high-temperature, high-CO2 intervals of fabulous tonnages of plant matter upon which fed the biggest land animals that ever lived.  In modern times, commercial greenhouse managers pump CO2 into their greenhouses to improve markedly the yields of their hydroponic crops.  The dreaded “tipping point” of 400 ppm of CO2, recently passed,  is just like 2 deg. C rise; an arbitrary number out of someone’s head.  One respected expert, Bob Carter, says we are living through a “CO2 famine”.  Perhaps we have not noticed that every morsel of food we put into our mouths has passed through a series of energy conversions of whose efficiency we engineers can only dream: It was originated photosynthetically by combining sunshine, water, trace elements, and CO2 from the air   into some plant matter that some living creature (sometimes ourselves directly as in the case of e.g. fruit) can use and convert.  We need more CO2  in our atmosphere. 


*  Supposedly “scientific” proofs of anthropogenic warming depend largely upon analytical work that is riddled with biases, toadying to special interests, errors of omission and commission, deliberate falsification of data, misuse of statistics and, to cite more than one authority, lies and fraud.


*  Frantic programs by national governments, particularly in Europe, to control CO2 emissions, have cost hundreds of billions and will cost trillions in a few years, bankrupting them.  This money would provide safe drinking water and sewerage to every human on the planet, several times over.  Are we sure that the double-dip recession Europe is now enduring is not related to their waste of resources on expensive solutions that cannot work to problems they do not have?  Or that the same fate does not await us if we persist in using billions to buy things like wind machines, without proper cost-benefit analyses?  


And no, I refuse to have that characterized as a political innuendo.  Nor will I be mistaken for an anti-environmentalist.  As a responsible engineer engaged for decades in development of public policy and also as a dedicated dirty-fingernails gardener, I am as aware as anyone of the need to protect the precious environment we are busy destroying.  But we have to do it in a proper scientific way.


Compounding all the above, we have the implacable eco-terrorists who very effectively use the media to propagate their misinformation.  This is epitomised by the Hon. Nigel Lawson, formerly Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, in the foreword to his excellent little book “An Appeal to Reason”.  One publisher, in an apologetic letter of rejection, said it was sound and well reasoned but “too outside the conventional orthodoxy” to command a big audience.   This is a universal complaint of people who dare to challenge the diktats of the unaccountable supremos of the IPCC.  The media will shut them down.


Engineers must speak up.  Do you know who your MPP or MP is?  Find out.  Are you in the Centre for Engineering and Public Policy (OCEPP) initiative?  Make your voice heard.  We engineers tend to work head-down over our beloved formulae and  computations and let the rest of the world go by.  This has to stop.





Frank Gue, P.Eng.


PS  I  have cited only snippets of the vast mass of debunk material available on the Net.  For instance, try Prof . Bob Carter, 


Climate Context As A Basis For Better Policy – YouTube,




Power Shift Away From Green Illusions




Global warming hoax crumbling – – Gmail




Relentless Liars: The Great Green Edifice is Crumbling



– for starters.





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