Sent to Jane McKenna, MPP Burlington, on June

Sent to Jane McKenna, MPP Burlington, on June 9, 2013


Hi, Jane.

Maclean’s Magazine, 2nd to latest issue, has an article on “car sharing”.  It is aimed at exactly what my “Computer Commuter” is aimed at: get half the cars off the road by making it easier and cheaper to share than to fly solo.
However, their idea is not as good as mine, because it is not:
1.  Integrated
2.  Automated
3.  Convenient
4.  Much lower cost (a) to develop (b) to run.
5.  Quick to start  to payoff – months, not years or decades
6.  A potential source of large provincial revenues without tax hikes.
7.  Protective of farmland or neighbourhoods from endless clanking of heavy Diesel machinery,  fresh tonnes of winter salt, permanent expensive maintenance, etc.
I received your email of a few weeks ago in which you indicated that you weren’t sure whether “The Computer Commuter” idea is being followed up in the Party policy process.  I’ve studied the Policies and I don’t see that it is.
Are we not entitled, through you, to ask the Policy people (whoever they are*, and I never did find out while on Policy duty) to study this possibility?
We just have to do something about car-strangulation.  It’s destroying our environment and bankrupting us.  how many millions of $ does one km of highway, never mind one interchange, cost us?  How many $Ms of production gets lost when Ms of people spend three or four hours a day sitting in cars?  How many tonnes of particulates and poisonous Nox combustion products are emitted by all these cars, particularly when they idle so much of the time?  How many $Bs are needed to keep this fleet of one-tonne, one-person steel and rubber monstrosities doing NVA (No Value Added) work destroying our roads and environment?    We seem to be blind to all this!
I spent many years in industry as a heavy-duty systems designer and installer, and it makes me tear my hair to see how the Province handles this kind of thing.  We Conservatives were bad enough when in power, but the Liberals and eHealth?  Grrrr.
Can we get something stirring on this, Jane?
*  This is a whole other problem that needs airing at  some other time.

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