Personal productivity and the social networks

Date:       27 Aug 13
By:           Frank Gue, B.Sc., MBA, P.Eng.,
                Burlington, ON Canada L7R 2B5
To:          Editors, The Economist
Re:          “Net gains and losses”, Aug. 17

Dear Editors:

Of course the Internet has not resulted in a net improvement in productivitybecause it has been taken over by Internetrivia.
Anything that consumes two to five hours per day per citizen, much of which is NVA, will destroy both production and productivity.
Further, the Internet’s collateral damage includes:
*  distracted driving is now Ontario’s #1 cause of auto fatalities in Ontario
*  children do not stick their noses out the door to play most days
*  adults arrive at work exhausted, having spent hours of their supposed time off on employer’s business
*  the Internet is a big contributor to the obesity pandemic; it’s the Couch Potato Syndrome x 10
Some of us saw it coming and resolutely avoided being Linkedin or Facebooked or Whatevered.  I, personally, just don’t have the time.  Internet banking, factory scheduling, e-mail, Christmas greetings, etc. fine.  Most else, simple NVA.



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