Gravity waves

Filename:       G. Musser re gravity waves

Date:               22 Nov 13

By:                  Frank Gue, B.Sc., MBA, P.Eg

                       2252 Joyce St., Burlington, ON Canada L7R 2B5

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Re:                  Gravity waves


Dear Mr. Musser:


I hope this reaches you OK.


I am your counter-Olber’s Paradox writer of a few years back.


Reading the Gravity Waves article in the recent SA made me think I should set down a speculation that has rattled around in my head for some years, viz:


Waves can be of any length you like, through the audio, radio, light and beyond; and in the reverse direction also as far as you please.


Waves can be used to transmit energy; we have all heard of the small flying machine kept aloft on a radio beam aimed at it from the ground.  Serious proposals have been made suggesting that solar energy be focused and aimed at collectors on the ground.  And there is that Scandinavian village in a mountain valley which now, we are told, for the first time in history has daylight in midwinter thanks to mirrors on mountaintops.


Now, please hypothesize a wave having a length of hundreds or thousands of light-years, propagating through the “empty” universe.  Its wavelength is so great that we, with our puny abilities to measure such things, cannot detect its traveling shape.  But it embodies near-infinite amounts of energy.  And furthermore, since matter and energy are interchangeable, it also comprises – what do we call it – potential-matter?  Dare we say Dark Matter?


There you are!  Gravity Waves and Dark Matter accounted for at a single stroke!  Each is the complement of the other.


Too pat, isn’t it?  But my cosmological-qed intelligence quotient is probably around 50, and I can go no farther either to promote or debunk it.


Any comment?







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