Quebec’s Neverendum

Date: 15 Mar 14
By: Frank Gue, 905 634 9538
For: Letters, Macleans
Re: “The future of Confederation is not safe”, Editorial, Mar 24

No, and it never will be safe as long as Quebec is allowed to keep the Rest of Canada (the RoC) permanently on the defensive.

At a recent poltical meeting in Calgary, one speaker was the leader of the allegorical Separatist Party of Alberta (it would be Alberta, wouldn’t it?).

He jokingly assured us that he wasn’t out to break up Canada. Turning serious, he said that Canada will continue indefinitely swinging in the wind on Quebec’s hook until the RoC develops an “or else”. Quebec’s “or else” hook is their foreverendum threat: “Do this, that, and the other or we’ll leave”.

The speaker suggested an “or else” to the effect that the RoC should have a referendum. The question (a “clear question” of course) could well sound like: “Do you want to keep Quebec in Confederation at today’s tax cost to you personally of X thousand dollars per year? Yes or no?”

Such a move might well silence Premier Marois and her advisors for at least a while.



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