Curriculum problem in Ontario

Date:    23 April 14
By:        Frank Gue, B.Sc., MBA, P.Eng.,
             905 634 9538
For:      Letters Ed., Lee Prokaska, The Spec
Re:       “Curriculum” in Ms. Barb Albert-Hughes’s letter in the Apr. 23 Spec 
GA, Lee:

Ms. Albert-Hughes’s reference to Ontario’s 

curriculum as being “crammed with no methods”
touches on a vital subject that is a serious problem 
in Ontario.
Our public school curricula drip 
with the principles of the long-discredited
“constructivist” method of teaching.  Some,
thankfully not all, Ontario teachers using these
methods consider it unnecessary to graduate
a numerate, literate student, and that,
to quote one of them, “If they don’t learn
the stuff, that’s their problem.”  Again
thankfully, some Ontario teachers who get
excellent results are represented by one 
of them who commented, “I teach them
using the forbidden phonics.  When I close 
the classroom door, the Ministry
doesn’t know what I’m teaching.”  Parents
should hope their kids get one of those.
I will anticipate the screeches of outrage
from members of the education establishment
who object intolerantly to what they call
interference by ignorant outsiders We 
need only recall that –
* Einstein was a patent clerk.
* the Wright Brothers were bicycle mechanics
* Mendell, the developer of genetics, 
   was a monk.
*  and endlessly onward.
A spell of “creative destruction” and re-
development of education systems is 
badly needed.  Selfishly one hopes that
Ontario’s would be the first.
Frank Gue. 

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