ThoughtStarters 14

Date:         27 April 14

By:             Frank Gue, B.Sc., MBA, P.Eng.,

                   905 634 9538

For:           Interested friends and fellow-thinkers

Re:             A couple of thought-provokers


Item 1: Global warming


An organization called American Thinker has issued a

scholarly scientific paper by a physicist named Andre Lofthus on the subject of Anthropological Global Warming (AGW); link below.


I think that, as an engineer, I understand and believe their argument, though I want to ponder it further and invite others to ponder too.


Their argument is that, in the 1950s, it was demonstrated, at the Nobel Prize level, that the CO2 then present in the Earth’s atmosphere was absorbing 100% of the heat it was capable of absorbing; and that, therefore, the addition of further CO2 could not account for further warming. They sound the usual warning that correlation does not prove causation, and that, therefore, the global warming we may (or may not) be experiencing has nothing to do with man- (or bovine flatulence) made C02.


Bottom line: If we have global warming, it is not caused by CO2, man-made or other.


Item 2: The IPCC and a memorable aphorism


The Economist newsmagazine of April 19, page 73, discusses the latest International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, issued last week. Because of changes between drafts forced upon the IPCC by international politicians, they say (and this is the “memorable aphorism”):


That seems more like policy-based evidence than evidence-based policy.


Wow! Education? Wind energy?


Later in the article, referring to the assumptions made by the IPCC,


These numbers look preposterous … [Germany’s and Spain’s] bills are already enormous … much higher than expected … IPCC’s assumptions are “completely made up” … this report isn’t valuable… “


This from a publication that has been quite receptive to the global warming ideas up to now.




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