Muslim takeover

Date:  3 May 14
By:       Frank Gue, B.Sc., MBA, P.Eng.,
             2252 Joyce St.,  Burlington, ON Canada L7R 2B5
             905 634 9438
To:        Editors, The Economist,  London, UK
Re:       “Religious studies”, April 26 edition, p. 55
cc:        Ombudsman, CBC  (please forward as appropriate)
Dear Editors:
As you say, “ … zealots can spy an opportunity to take over.”
They not only can, but they have done, for at least 50 (if not 1700) years.
Decades ago a Muslim teacher was interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as she stood on the steps of an Islamic school in Montreal.  “[Assimilate?]” she said in reply to the interviewer’s question, “We’re not here to assimilate.  We’re here to take over.  The laws of Canada are not the laws of God.”
How much clearer a message do we need?  I waited anxiously through the next few days to hear on the same radio station or see in a newspaper that she had been in some way called to account for such a seditious statement.
Not a word.
The CBC had self-censored and the authorities had neither seen nor heard, and certainly weren’t about to speak, any evil.  That would have been racist, you know.
There is a clear and present Islamist/Sharia threat, as documented with masses of meticulous research in books like “Shadow World”, by Robert Chandler.  In the face of this threat, we are our own worst enemy; and the weapon we use on ourselves is complacency.
Were we to use half the energy to ward off this threat as we seem willing to use with, let’s say, our sometimes-misguided Human Rights tribunals to safeguard  the tender feelings of self-interested social misfits, we might be able to sleep a little better.
Frank Gue

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