Peace in the middle East

Date: 12 Aug 14
By: Frank Gue, B.Sc., MBA, P.Eng.,
2252 Joyce St.,
Burlington, ON L7R 2B5
905 634 9538
To: Editor, Spectator
Re: “Jewish state should not have been founded through warfare”, Aug. 12 Spec

Dear Editor:

A commentator on socio-economic affairs once wrote: “All possession of property is based upon the use of force.” Now follow me through a conversation I had with myself upon reading that:

Hey, now, wait a minute. I bought this property free and clear, without using force at all, from Developer X. He bought is from Mrs Y, who bought it from Mr. Z, who got it as a grant from the Queen in 1889. Where did the Queen get it? Well, a group of politicians like John Simcoe and soldiers like Sir Isaac Brock came and, in the name of the Queen, built and protected towns like Wellington Square and shipping ports like Dundas, and so on. They divided up the adjoining lands among people who had been loyal during the wars and insurrections of the previous few decades. Who was here before that? Oh, well, some native people had settlements like those at Crawford Lake Park west of Lowville. What happened to them? We let them have their own reservations elsewhere. So we took this land by force? Well, uh … yes, I suppose you could say so. I just did. But that was then, this is now. Right. So what would happen if someone came to your door and said, This is now my place? Oh, no one could do that. They’d encounter the full force of the law ….. Aha. There’s that word “force” again. Pops up sooner or later, doesn’t it? Thickly veiled though it may be, it is force that got you this land and enables you to keep it, right? Well … uh … yes, I suppose so.

Perhaps we can face the fact that Canada fought two huge wars and several lesser ones in the past century because we opposed the use of force to commandeer others’ property.

Now snap back to 2014. Israel occupies land taken from others by force of will, arms, and brains, legalized by some British and UN pieces of paper. Right or wrong, moral or immoral, approved or not, historically justified or not, are irrelevant considerations. Any “settlement” of Mid-East questions must start from there. It will consist of a series of compromises that will have to be ENFORCED by someone’s army, hopefully a UN one. To have any probability of success, discussions leading up to any such hopeful outcome will have to be held after stripping away and ignoring the irrelevancies named above. Israel is what it is, where it is. Start from there.



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