Discrimination in immigration

Dec. 12, 2014

Messrs Stephen Harper, Prime Minister
Mike Wallace, MPP

GA, Mike and Stephen.

If, as you are being criticized for, you are discriminating for certain religious minorities and against others, good for you. Everyday life runs on discrimination. We discriminate all the way from buying groceries to marrying a spouse.

Never forget the public statement by the principal of a Madrassa (Muslim school) in Montreal, who said on CBC TV, “Assimilate? We’re not here to assimilate. We’re here to take over. The laws of Canada are not the laws of God.”

What could be clearer?

Western democracies carefully, and for excellent reasons, separate church and state. In Muslim countries, by contrast, the church IS the state. One of the Muslims’ declared methods of “taking over” our Canadian state is to infiltrate our own democratic institutions such as elected representation (parliaments etc.) until they can control them by sheer arithmetic. That arithmetic is driven in no small measure by immigration/propagation, i.e. “the revenge of the cradle” as Pierre Trudeau once put it. Quebec discriminates this way successfully: the RoC should take due note.

We rightly favor millwrights, carpenters and other hands-on, productive trades in our immigration policies. So let us disfavor disruptive and counter-democratic elements who are here to “take over”, violently when necessary, as has been their stated objective for over 1,300 years.




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