Education Policy for Political Parties

Date: 23 Feb 15
By: Frank Gue, B.Sc., MBA, P.Eng.
2252 Joyce St.,
Burlington, ON L7R 2B5
905 634 9538
For: Freedom Party of Ontario
Re: Your Education policy

Good day.

What you say about education is largely good and correct.

The parts that could be better are:

1. Education funding should follow the student, not the school board.

2. You do not mention curriculum. Ontario’s curricula follow the GTF (Guaranteed To Fail) model, exemplified by the Constructivist paradigm that has been thoroughly and repeatedly discredited. Google with search words and you will bring up one of the best of the many damning critiques of Constructivism. To be more specific and local, significant numbers (perhaps most) Ontario teachers are taught that it is not necessary to graduate a literate, numerate student. This problem goes right back to OISE, the Teachers Colleges, and the Education Faculties. It has been the same for generations – see the Kymlicka report of 1988 (call me if you can’t find it) and a CBC program of 1952 (again, call me about this, because you won’t find it).

3. Further on Curriculum: There is a place and a need for a central curriculum standard (covering the basics) augmented by a place for local variations. This, unfortunately in the Canadian context, means the government. But we could avoid most of our familiar government-dictated curriculum problems by using the Finnish model as explained in Sahlberg, Finnish Lessons, Teachers College, Columbia University, 2010.


Frank Gue


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