Supreme Court and Administrative Fines

Date:           1 Aug 15
By:               Frank Gue, B.Sc., MBA, P.Eng.,
                    2252 Joyce St.,
                    Burlington, ON L7R 2B5
For:             Marni Soupcoff
                    Executive Director
Canadian Constitution Foundation
Re:               The Supreme Court Guindon Decision

Marni, this makes my blood run cold.

I know nothing of Ms. Guindon’s case and do not wish to know.
But for the SC to impose a fine, from one dollar upward, without due process or presumption of innocence, can be regarded, among other things, as a warning to activists; This is the Thought Police. You’d better self-censor yourself better, because we are watching you.  Don’t step out of line.
The fact that this can be done by bureaucrats multiplies the threat by about 10.
Does this call for legislative action, or what?
How did the individual members vote, particularly Chief Justice Beverly McLaughlin (my sister Julia Daeley taught Beverly in grade school in Pincher Creek, Alberta)?
What does CTF do now?  It needs money, obviously.

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