The $1-a-week school

Filename:    SQE_Re_Private_Schooling_in_Low_Wage_Countries  (Lexar)

Date:           5 Aug 15

By:             Frank Gue, B.Sc., MBA,  P.Eng.,

2252 Joyce St.,

Burlington, ON L7R 2B5

905 634 9538

For:            SQE Group and whom it may concern

Re:            The Economist Aug. 1 edition re education

GE, all.

The Economist for Aug. 1 has two important articles on Education: “Learning unleashed – Where governments are failing to provide a decent education, the private sector is stepping in” and “The $1-a-week school – Private schools are booming in poor countries.  Governments should either help them or get out of their way”.

I’d link you to them but I can’t figure out The Economist’s mysterious method of doing so, or even if it has one.

Please try to get this edition of The Economist and read these two articles.


The gist:

*  Private schools are growing at double-digit rates in the poor countries

*  Main failings of government schools include unions (surprise); teachers (surprise again – 25% absentee is typical); and the government (“surprise again – government bureaucrats often oppose private schools); the UN – “For-profit education should not be allowed in order to safeguard the noble cause of education”, said the UN’s special rapporteur on Education Kishore Singh

*  Private schools operating on a few dollars a month typically outperform public schools by wide margins

*  Much of the support for private schools comes from poor homes with incomes of $2 per day or less.

–       and lots else.  Do read these articles!

I’ve supported (with money) education for third-world girls for about 50 years.  History shows that, as an under-developed population becomes educated, the birth rate falls.  This has to happen if we are to avoid accelerating over-population disasters like the mass migrations from Africa to Europe and the constant sectarian (really territorial) wars all over the world.  The New Zealand Maoris had it right thousands of years ago when they said:  “For women and for land men will fight, men will die.”

For saying that, of course, I identify myself in the eyes of some  as a right-wing extremist.



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