Filename: MacleansReTrudeauOct15
Date: 25 Oct 15
By: Frank Gue, B.Sc., MBA, Professional Engineer
For: Editors, Macleans
Re: “Conservatives are not our enemies”, Editorial Nov. 2
246 words

Dear Editors:

Prime Minister Trudeau has put his finger on a sad weakness of some Canadians: a practice of personalizing politics and imagining opponents to be enemies.

For 60 years I have been known and published as a local conservative Conservative voice, attacking no one and dealing entirely with policies, never personalities. Yet:

* Three consecutive Provincial Liberal Members would not shake hands with me in public.

* Our current MPP will not answer phone calls, emails, or a registered letter on a non-political subject of public interest. I once thought – mistakenly apparently – that my Member was my Member regardless of party.

* Among our priceless and cherished neighbours, we once had one who tore a Conservative mailer into little bits and littered my lawn with them.

Inevitably there are identical examples among Conservatives. with enmity and smallness also at work where there is no need or room for it in a tolerant Canada.

Here is a friendly challenge to the reader, Liberal, Conservative or other: Study the Federal Liberals’ platform to identify their good ones (there are several); write our Federal (Liberal) Member, (Karina Gould in Burlington) , and encourage her with your support (politicians get plenty of the other kind) for any sound Liberal policy. A copy to the local Conservative party president wouldn’t hurt either.

The losers on Oct 19 needn’t just sulk for four years. We can be ongoing parts of a Canadian democracy, but not by being small and casting neighbours as enemies.



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