The ABCs – Abdicate, Blame, Capitulate

Date:         26 Jan 16

By:             Frank Gue B.Sc. MBA, PEng.,
                  2252 Joyce St., Burlington L7R 2B5  905 634 9538
For:            Editors Macleans
Re:             “Who’s the adult here?”  Feb. 1
Dear Editors:
There is a threatening thread weaving through six of the Letters in the February 1 issue of Macleans.  It is best captured by Mr. Watts, who identifies the ABCs of 21st Century parenting: Abdicate, Blame, and Capitulate.
Sadly, these ABCs infect far more than parenting.  Example:  Education.  Teachers are now just helpers and coaches while 10-year-olds “discover” what they need to know and learn it themselves.  The presence among us of some  well-educated kids is thanks to the dedication of some teachers who know and do better.  Failure is blamed on parents, the environment, socio-economic status, and so on.  Schools capitulate when they push unqualified students onward into a world of inadequacy and low self-esteem.
At the national level, we hypocritically assure our allies that we are with them in the fight against ISIS when we in fact have no plan at all to be there and indeed are pulling out our little token force.
And so on.
We could  add an acronym to Mr. Watts’s thesaurus of such, viz: FSB, Find Someone to Blame, which is becoming our national pastime.
Frank Gue

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