International conspiracies and greed

GA, all.
The Makow letter below describes a vast international conspiracy that runs the world politically, economically, and socially.
Vast international conspiracies require more management and co-ordination than is humanly possible.  I don’t believe in them.  And unfortunately the evils described  in the Makow document can easily be accounted for in one short word:
Here’s how it goes:
Any organism’s first drive is survival (Maslow’s hierarchy).  Self-actualization is the final desired state, per Maslow.  But for a significant percentage of the population, self-actualization is not enough.  He wants more.  More.  More.  Self-actualization degenerates into pure greed.
When two greeders (yes, there is such a word, cuz I just invented it) find that their greeds coincide in related fields, they will automatically collaborate; there is no need for a vast organization directing them to do so.  A classic of this process was the Climategate incident, in which this collaboration unintentionally was made  public thanks to the Internet.
Probably the biggest such collaboration yet is among governments,  banks, and corporate monopolies like Big Pharma.  There is no need for a holding company called the Govbank; they are all driven by greed, they understand each other 100%, they need each other, and each knows where the others fit.  They have mechanisms like the Government-Bank-Corporations Managers’ Revolving Door to ensure co-operation and co-ordination.  All this is backed up by laws (made by governments) that ensure that none of the actors can be held personally responsible for their results, and that not too many of the customary multi-million-dollar salaries and customary multi-million-dollar bonuses are threatened.
The flawless example of this greed-driven collaboration is staring us in the face.   Governments stole trillions of dollars from us serfs in order to bail-out the banks when their habitual greed-driven raids on our household budgets got out of hand and degenerated into a recession that the financiers probably didn’t intend.  This is continuing under names like “stimulus” and “control of interest rates” and “monetary easing”.  True, some US banks failed, but all were minnows in the financial ocean and could be sacrificed to the big financial sharks like the Federal Reserve Bank.
The fact that the worst of this fiasco happened in the US didn’t leave Canada unscathed, as we know too well.
So never mind international conspiracies: just remember that it is all accounted for by
Have a nice day.


On Apr 3, 2016, at 7:05 AM, Gary Reid <> wrote:

These quotes make it quite clear that we are in the NWO now.

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