“wildly inaccurate health care apps”

Date:              17 April 16
By:                 Frank Gue, B.Sc., MBA, P.Eng.,
                      Burlington 905 634 9538
For:                Editors, Macleans
Re:                 “Wait, there’s not an app … “ Apr. 18

Dear Eds:

This problem of “wildly inaccurate” health care apps is the tip of
an iceberg.  Information found on the Web ranges from life-
threateningly wrong to life-savingly helpful.
The in-flight stability of an aircraft is explained by someone listing
himself as an Engineering PhD.  His information is simply wrong.
Anyone home-building an aircraft using his information could
kill himself in it.
On the other hand, information from the Mayo Clinic was used
by a layman to diagnose, months before the doctors did, a
case of bladder cancer which is said to be “relatively easy to
treat if caught early.”
Thus a user of the Web must understand that information there
can be dangerous and must be used with good judgment and
much patience, cross-checking, and re-checking before it
is used for any important purpose.
Frank Gue

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