Free speech

Date:          26 June, 16
By:              Frank Gue,
                   B.Sc. (Engineering, U of A, ’51), MBA, P.Eng.
For:             Dr. David Turpin, President,
                   University of Alberta,
                   116th St. & 85 Ave.
                   Edmonton, AB T6G 2R3
Re:             Free speech
Dear Dr. Turpin:
On a certain website, I find a long article headlined:
Student group takes University of Alberta to court over $17,500 “security fee” demanded in order to express views on campus 
If this article is accurate, I find it deeply disturbing.  As reported, it is a direct attack on free speech.
You may know that the world-renowned economist Hernando de Soto, in a book The mystery of capitalism, identifies free speech and private property rights as the two foundation stones of successful democracies.  The case for this is difficult to dispute.
I have today mailed a check for $1,000 to the organization opposing in court the University and its Students Union in this unpleasantly surprising and profoundly disappointing action.
Other related actions will be considered as events unfold in the immediate future, as in my discussions with Mr. Morrel Wax, Regional Director, Office of Individual Giving of the UofA, who visited me again last Monday.
Yours truly,
Frank Gue.

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