Climate change hoaxes (2)

Date:        7 Oct 16
By:             Frank Gue, B.Sc., MBA, P.Eng.,
2252 Joyce St., Burlington, ON Canada L7R 2B5
For:           TVO and whom it may concern
Re:            Climate change – Steve Paikin today

Preamble: Facts are facts and are not arguable. Here are some facts:

0. The climate is changing because the climate is always changing.

1. CO2 is not a pollutant but is a vital plant nutrient upon which all life, including ours, depends directly or indirectly. Some scientists believe we are suffering a shortage of CO2.

2. There is no scientifically rigorous proof that man-made CO2 is contributing to climate change.

3. Several important geologic influences, such as the huge crustal Atlantic Rift that extends from Antarctica to Greenland, that is spewing trillions of litres of scalding water into the ocean every day, have not been evaluated for their contribution to ocean warming and acidification. Likewise vulcanism.

4. Many gases and particulates for which humans are responsible should and could be controlled rather than concentrating on CO2, which anyway would come along for the ride. Examples: dioxins, soot.

5. Water vapor (clouds) is a gas that is from five to 20 times as powerful a GHG as CO2, we are not responsible for it, and furthermore we do not yet know how to analyze and quantify its albedo. We do not, for instance, even know the algebraic sign of its albedo (whether it adds to or subtracts from warming.)

6. The often-cited target of 2 deg. C temperature rise came as a hunch out of one man’s head; there is no rigorously scientific cause-effect chain that leads to it, much less a mathematical formula leading to the precise mathematical result of 2 deg. C.

6. Humans could make a very large impact on the environment by concentrating on the obvious and provable rather than the indefinite and arguable. Example: Withdrawal of vast quantities of ground water to bottle threatens our aquifers; and the decomposing debris from the trillions of plastic bottles is threatening wild life worldwide.

I could go on and on. But I will stop and summarize by saying that we have our supposedly scientific environmental/climate change priorities hopelessly confused and unsupported scientifically. We suffer from the 180 degree syndrome (180DS), which states that sound principles are often reversed and applied backwards disastrously.

Frank Gue

Professional Engineer