Frank Gue – Education and Politics <>

Date:       3 Sept 17
By:          Frank Gue, B,Sc,, MBA, P.Eng., 2252 Joyce St., Burlington ON L7R 2B5
For:         Gary Reid
Re:          Comment on the counter-culture book The deep state, linked below
I have been able to account for the phenomena that “The Deep
State” accounts for in a lot fewer words.  Like these:
Start your thought experiment at the beginning of any huge socio-
economic upturn.  The end of WWII is a good place to do that.
The previous era was clearly over.  Much both good and bad was
destroyed.  We were, in many respects, starting-over.  Bitter
experience had taught us to avoid this, and embrace that, as we
rebuilt.  We looked forward with hope and optimism.  That was the
mood in 1946-1950, as I am old enough to remember well.
There was unspoken agreement on an over-arching socio-
economic environment: capitalist democracy.  There was also
knowledgeable, conscientious opposition, which is a good
thing: it kept the c-ds on the straight and narrow.
There followed several decades of rapid improvement based
on these c-d principles.
But what we too often don’t notice is that, although capitalist-
democracy is not evil, there are evil capitalist-democrats.
These evil c-ds gradually find all the ways to game the system,
gain control of all the levers and pushbuttons, and divert the
benefits into their own hands.
Many, perhaps most, of these evil c-ds suffer from the
serious, addictive, incurable Money-Disease (yes, I know
I don’t need and cannot possibly use another $100 million,
but I just have to have it – where’s my next $100M “fix”
going to come from – I just must have it – get out of my
way … ).
No one knows where the tipping point is, i.e. when the
counter-productive activities of the evil c-ds overwhelm
the production of the authentic c-cdsWhen finally there
are more “takers” than “makers” (ref: Gibbon, The 
collapse and fall of the Roman Empire), the socio-
economic system stagnates and then begins to crumble.
This stagnation-crumbling is under way, having begun
with a tremor in Japan in 1990 and continuing with a
Force 7 or 8 earthquake in 2008 (remember, one point
on the Richter scale is a ten-to-one increase in severity).
We are now awaiting the probably-inevitable Force 9
socio-economic quake.
Meanwhile, the evil c-ds, who don’t know where the
tipping point is either, are grabbing what they can while
they can.  They have even managed to hijack the
coterie of conscientious, responsible opposition c-ds,
sounding like them thus further confusing the issue to
their profit.
Also meanwhile, a small but growing minority of
observers have begun to understand what is being
done to them and by whom.  In both organized and
un-organized groups, whose members range from
loony-left through thinking-centrist to rabid-right, using
the Web and other modern weapons, they are having
both successes and failures in their efforts to shore
up the crumbling wall.  Emblematic of their efforts,
folk like President Trump, using poorly-aimed
scatterguns, nevertheless have the right targets in
their sights.  Their mantra is, “A plague on all your
Here I must suspend the allegory lest I encounter
an intellectual Slough of Despond and get sucked
right in.  But does any of it sound familiar to you?
Frank Gue,
Professional Engineer.

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